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Who is Ted Mosby's favourite soul singer?
What alias does Barney use at the matchmaker's in Season 1?
How does Robin describe Bruce Springsteen?
In 'The Pineapple Incident', what does Ted suggest Trudy do when she says she wants to do something stupid?
At the club, what does Ted tell the Coat Check Girl he really hates?
Which 1970s rock band did Barney's mom tour with as a groupie, leaving Barney with a babysitter?
When Ted's little sister Heather comes to visit, she sells his couch and TV - in exchange for what?
What form of martial arts does Ted's two-time girlfriend Natalie practice?
When Lily and Marshall invite other couples over, what is the one entree that she leaves Marshall in charge of?
Which Canadian television actor does Lily contact when trying to break up Robin and Barney in Season 5?
What is the name of the barrell that Marshall leaves outside the apartment building to be taken?
When a really loud couple moves in above Robin and Ted, what instrument does Old Ted say they're playing?
What is the name of the faulty and dangerous coffee-maker in Ted/Lily/Marshall's apartment?
What is the name of Stella's ex-husband that she ultimately leaves Ted for?
Who is the Slap Bet Commissioner?
Who does Jeff Coatsworth tell Marshall his only client will be if he works for him?
What was the name of Marshall's iguana?
What is Robin's dad's name?
On New Year's Eve in Season 1, which musical celebrity does everyone think they've picked up in the limo?
What insect does Ted drunkenly get tattooed on his lower back?

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