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In Episode 1, David stages what he thinks is a hilarious prank on Dawn - she is fired for stealing what?
Keith battles eczema on which part of his anatomy?
What song is playing when Dawn returns to the Christmas party in Christmas Special Part II?
What is the correct answer to the pub quiz question that wins Tim and Ricky the game ('Which Shakespeare play features a character called Caliban?')
Which John Betjeman poem does David recite?
What book is Dawn reading when David approaches her to discuss his brush with testicular cancer?
What is the name of the handsome new temp in Season 1?
What is David's theme song during his motivational speech?
Which office worker does Sheila have a crush on?
How old is Tim turning in the Season 1 Episode 'The Quiz'?
What is the name of the Slough club that David, Gareth and Chris Finch often go to after work?
What brand of leather jacket does David wear to compete with Neil's Armani leather jacket?
What is Keith routinely eating when he has heart-to-heart chats with Tim or Dawn in the break room?
For Red Nose Day, David is dressed as who?
The consultants that come to recruit David as a motivational speaker are from which company?
Oggy (The Oggmonster, played by director Stephen Merchant) is a friend of Gareth's - what is Oggy's real name?
What is the name of the lady who cleans the office in Season 1?
The board vote in favour of which office worker replacing Jennifer in Season 1?
What item of Gareth's stationery does Tim drop out the window in Season 1?
David describes his dancing as a fusion of _______ and MC Hammer s**t.

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