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Earn a PhD
Serve as Secretary of Commerce
Resign from office
Be unanimously elected by the Electoral College
Serve as a U.S. Senator after his presidency
Participate in active combat during both the Mexican-American War and the Civil War
Own a Major League Baseball team
Serve as Speaker of the House
Be awarded the Pulitzer Prize
Walk to and from his Inauguration
Serve as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Be elected to two, non-consecutive terms
Speak English as his second language
Serve as a U.S. Representative after his presidency
Take the oath of office in his own private residence
Admit two new states into the Union at the same time
Remain a bachelor
Serve as both Director of the C.I.A. and Ambassador to the U.N. (but not at the same time)
Contribute articles for 'The Federalist Papers'
Authorize the use of nuclear bombs on a nation at war with the U.S.
Attend medical school
Serve as both Secretary of State and Secretary of War at the same time
Be born outside of the continental United States
Have never been elected as President nor Vice President
Be awarded with the Medal of Honor
Win the presidential election by only one electoral vote
Be owner, publisher, and editor of a county newspaper
Serve in the armed forces during WWI and WWII
Be a school teacher at the middle and high school levels
Run for a second term as the presidential nominee of the Know-Nothing Party
Be a prisoner of war
Have never voted in a presidential election, including his own
Lead a labor union
Be a sitting member of the House of Representatives upon his election
Finish his entire term without ever changing the members of his Cabinet
Be a Rhodes Scholar
Lose a presidential election to the incumbent Vice President
Annex five overseas territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Hawaii, American Samoa) during his term
Be elected to the Confederate House of Representatives
Win the presidential election with a runningmate who was formerly of the opposing party
Be interviewed by Playboy Magazine
Have his portrait featured on a U.S. coin while still living
Be elected to four, consecutive terms

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