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have the sunflower as the official state flower
house North America's largest shopping mall
have a floating post office that delivers mail to passing ships
have a royal palace
house a full-scale reproduction of an ancient Greek temple
have an active diamond mine open to the public
be bombed by a Japanese plane during WWII (not counting territories, like Hawaii or the Philippines)
be a former territory of the Russian Empire
have a unicameral legislature (i.e. only one house/chamber of government instead of two)
have a flag that is not in the traditional, rectangular shape
designate the triceratops as the official state dinosaur
have a monument erected in honor of an agricultural pest
have an official state carnivorous plant
turn down hosting the Olympics
officially ratify the 13th Amendment (abolishing slavery) in the 21st Century
host the launching of NASA space shuttles
be formed by seceding from another state
adopt 'Yankee Doodle' as its official song
have a state-owned, state-operated bank
feature a desert with white sand
have parishes instead of counties
border exactly one other state
have execution by firing squad and electrocution as secondary methods for capital punishment
be named after a president
fly the flags of six different countries
have the official state seal designed by a woman
designate an ancient, squid-like cephalopod as its official state fossil
host three different presidents as they took their oaths of office
use Greek in its official motto
have a fully operational rotary jail
have a triple divide, where rainfall eventually flows into three different oceans
feature a fruit on its state quarter
be the official home of Superman
have jousting as an official sport
house the world's longest known cave system
have both its eastern and western borders defined by rivers
host the world's oldest annual marathon
host the signing of a peace treaty between two foreign powers
have the ice cream cone as the official state dessert
contain the geographic center of the United States
have polka as the official state dance
declare itself an independent nation during the Revolutionary War
have an official name referencing the union of two locations
have an official state hospitality beverage
once house the headquarters of the United States Mint
have every county classified as a metropolitan area
have an official flower that comes from a cactus
host part of NATO command
name a state highway in honor of visitors from outer space
have an official state cooking pot

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