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Can you name the the fighting videogame series?

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CharactersGame or Game Series
T. Hawk, Ibuki, Blanka, Adon
Anna Williams, Ganryu, Eddy Gordo, Zafina
Lion Rafale, Jacky Bryant, El Blaze, Brad Burns
Stryker, Reptile, Mileena, Kenshi
Rock, Kilik, Ivy, Patroklos
Firion, Golbez, Terra Branford, Kuja
Alice, Nagi, Fang, Ganesha
Marrow, Phoenix, Dan, Jin Saotome
Ryoma, Pete, Galuda, Edward Falcon
Duck King, Billy Kane, Big Bear, Mai Shiranui
Aska, Wingnut, War, Leonardo
Sasuke, Prince Doza, Godhand, Cloud Strife
Leona, Athena, Kim Kaphwan, Terry Bogard
Sett, Kaori, Voodoo, Rajah
CharactersGame or Game Series
Robert Garcia, Temjin, Wyler, Geese Howard
Choji, Hidan, Kiba, Temari
Green Arrow, Cheetah, Darkseid, Batman
Rose, Sakura, R. Mika, Cody
Yamcha, Android 13, King Cold, Trunks
Cut Man, Plant Man, Bass, Shadow Man
Kasumi, Leon, Hitomi, Eliot
Bonker, Helga, Bad Mr. Frosty, Spike
Jago, B. Orchid, Sabrewulf, Cinder
Hanzo Hattori, Earthquake, Tam Tam, Nicotine Caffeine
Pit, Lucario, Ness, Samus
Dizzy, Zappa, Slayer, Sol Badguy
Anakaris, Donovan Baine, Q-Bee, Jon Talbain

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