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Can you name the characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (All Universes)?

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The Fearless LeaderAll
Cool But RudeAll
The Party DudeAll
The BraniacAll
News Reporter, Research AssistantMultiple
Sports-Crazed VigilanteMultiple
Arch-Nemesis, Leader of Ninja ClanMultiple
Adopted Daughter of Oroku SakiMirage Comics, 2003 Cartoon
One-Shot Love Interest for Raph1989 Cartoon
Samurai Rabbit1989 Cartoon, 2003 Cartoon, Mirage
Leader of a Band of KunoichiImage Comics
Rampaging Rhino1989 Cartoon
Wicked Warthog1989 Cartoon
Can Never Find A Date1989 Cartoon
Collects Statues and MonstersTMNT (2007)
Pizza Delivery BoyTMNT II: Secret of the Ooze
Mutant Snapping TurtleTMNT II: Secret of the Ooze
Mutant WolfTMNT II: Secret of the Ooze
Right Hand Man of Oroku SakiTMNT (1990), TMNT II
Infamous Fifth TurtleThe Next Mutation
Half Man, Half Wolf, All MutanimalArchie Comics
Skateboarding Lizard1989 Cartoon, Archie Comics
From the Rainforests of BrazilArchie Comics
Floating Cow HeadArchie, Mirage
Leader of the Purple Dragons2003 Cartoon, Mirage
King of All DragonsThe Next Mutation
Raph's Alter-EgoTMNT (2007)
Foot Clan RecruitTMNT (1990)
Controls RodentsMultiple
Lord of Dimension X1989 Cartoon
Would-Be Conqueror of Earth1989 Cartoon
Mikey's Alter-Ego2003 Cartoon
Rebel LeaderTMNT III
Blindly Loyal TriceratonMirage Comics
Runaway RobotMirage, 2003 Cartoon
Don's Alter-Ego1989 Cartoon
Mutant Cat GangsterIDW Comics
British Arms DealerTMNT III
Leo's Alter-EgoTMNT (2007)
Mad Scientist, Mutant FlyMultiple
Fastest Member of the Justice ForceMirage, 2003 Cartoon
Utrom CommanderMirage, 2003 Cartoon
Friendly ScientistTMNT II: Secret of the Ooze
Casey's DaughterMirage Comics
Cajun GatorMirage, 1989 Cartoon, 2003 Cartoon
Mistress of TimeMirage, 2003 Cartoon
Leader of the Stone GeneralsTMNT (2007)
Underwater Hero, Mutanimals MemberArchie Comics
Searching for BinkyArchie Comics, 1989 Cartoon

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