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My broken heart on display for you for all your friends to laugh and to point to
It's better where you're going anyway
I'll wait by this mailbox for you or your letter
I'll be original, I'll be nothing at all
I let my front down and I know I will regret it
My name is a disappointment, I only disappoint myself
Sometimes people think that they are so in love when it's the first person that they have ever been with
I'm the calm before the storm, I'm the second before the crash
I went to your house but you weren't home, I'm sure you conveniently shut off your phone
How can you say that you love me, when it's only 11:30
And I walk around for days and I only see you in my dreams
It's the way you present yourself for all your worst critics to see
This is a bad translation of dictionaries I keep in my head
You wait around for the perfect time
I hope there's no ghosts when I dream, telling me to change everything they see
It was a cold California
I don't wanna fight don't wanna leave til we're alright
Do you ever smile and find it shameful
And the crowd silent as a whisper listen as she recites her sins
I'm on my way to a coast where I know the roads like the back of my hand
If you're having second thoughts then you'd better speak up
I can see this happening all over again, I think I want it to.
There was a time and place where I never thought I'd leave my own hometown
Stupid Games Are For Stupid People
If you needed constant attention or constant affection you'd always look further than me
I can't move on until I fully admit that the ship that I ran aground will never come back around
You wished that you could start this over, instead you left me in a coma
You've been replaced by someone, she goes by your name
Pins and needles go up and down my spine, I pull them out one by one
I'm the big surprise at the end of the night
I make so many friends so many plans familiar people
So don't take anything for granted, stand outside in the rain
So cross your fingers
No medication can stop this spreading through me
I wrote this song to let you know that I'll be back
Distracting me more than I'm liking to admit and it goes without saying you had a lot to do with it
Word travels fast when her name's involved
Why would anybody leave the safety of their homes
Remember the time we realised thriller was our favourite song
A sure shot hit with your name attached to it
It takes more than time to heal the thorn in my side
It's my heart that burns a wickedness
Too deep, can't breathe and I can't find the air

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