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Which element is Sayuri most associated with?
Which element is Satsu associated with?
Who brings Chiyo and Satsu to Kyoto?
Who is Hatsumomo’s dresser?
What was the name of Hatsumomo’s boyfriend?
Which family did Sayuri live with when Gion was closed during the war?
Which limb is Nobu missing?
What does Hatsumomo call Chiyo?
What does Hatsumomo call Mameha?
What does Hatsumomo call Nobu?
What is the first gift Nobu gives to Sayuri?
How old is Chiyo when she meets the chairman?
Which of Mameha’s possessions does Hatsumomo force Chiyo to ruin?
Which art does Mameha excel in?
Which of Hatsumomo’s friends if mentioned frequently throughout the novel?
What three things does Nobu refuse to joke about?
Who betrays Sayuri near the end of the novel?
What does Sayuri claim all geisha consult before making a decision?
Where does Sayuri meet Nobu for the first time?
What position does Nobu hold at Iwamura Electric?

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