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His name means 'Hello!' in Korean.A
The Bluth's hire this attorney. He 'no habla espanol.'B
The DVD series George Sr. creates while in prison after having a religious epiphany.C
The title of the series finale episode of the show. D
An anti-depressant pushed by Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution.E
G.O.B.'s puppet friend. 'It ain't easy being brown.'F
Their slogan? 'Go buy us some coffee.'G
G.O.B. worked for this male stripper agency.H
This guy doubles as a P.I. and caterer... G.O.B also hires him to be his friend.I
The name of Maggie Lizer's blind dog.J
George Sr.'s crazy assistant at the Bluth Company.K
The name of Lucille's maid.L
Their credo is, 'Children should be neither seen nor heard.'M
The affliction that affects literally dozens. (They don't just really like cut-offs)N
The name of George Sr.'s twin brother.O
As a magician, G.O.B. tries to make the front cover of this magazine.P
Tobias buys this club.Q
She's a MR F and and owns all of Wee Britain.R
G.O.B.'s biological son.S
The 'disease' the Bluth company raises money for... two years in a row.T
A very old, non-relative of the Bluth's who lost the use his legsU
The last name of George Michael's girlfriend. Her?V
He's very serious and professional. He works as the prosecutor after Maggie Lizer leaves the Bluth's case.W
The episode where Buster creates Operation: Hot Mother. 'Motherboy ____'X
The vehicle G.O.B. blows up on Spring Break.Y
The last name of the Bluth's first family attorney. 'He's very good.'Z

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