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Can you name the Superhero Movie Villain by Death?

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sucked into jet engine because he was stupid enough to wear a cape
impaled by his own glider
#2's real name
shot at close range with a bazooka
the hero refuses to kill him...but won't save him either
stabbed, strangled, and then finally covered by several thousand gallons of water
killed when his suit self destructs in an attempt to take out the hero
#7's real name
sacrifices self in order to save the city from his own creation
#9's real name
stabbed and then set on fire
loses both of his hands and then finally his life
Flushed down an enormous toilet
fried by a nuclear reactor
#14's real name
decapitated and then falls into a nuke plant
'stabbed in the back' by his twin sister
gets a coin through the head
gets his life sucked away by a fear-eating monster
has everyone of his multiple souls cooked by the hero
accidentally blown up by a bomb meant to destroy his weapon
#21's real name
this motherf@cker kept trying to iceskate up a hill
accidentally killed when the hero who never kills tackles him off a ledge
#24's real name
falls to his death when the hero ties his leg to a heavy stone gargoyle
dissolved by the tesseract
#27's real name
died the same way his dad did, except to save a friend

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