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Villain deathMovieVillain
Villain is impaled by his own glider
Villain loses his other hand and then takes and axe to the chest
Villain sucked into jet engine by his cape
Villain Flushed down an enormous toilet
Villain fried by ARC reactor
Villain decapitated and then falls into nuclear cooling tower
Villain blown out the window by a bazooka
Villain 'stabbed in the back' by his twin sister
Villain is stabbed and then thrown into a pit of fire
Villain is accidentally killed by the hero with one rule: never kill
Villain deathMovieVillain
Villain is pulled out of his helicopter by a heavy stone gargoyle tied to his foot
Villain is stabbed, choked half to death, then buried under several thousand gallons of water from an exploding dam
This motherf@cker was always trying to iceskate up a hill
Villain sacrifices himself to save the city from his destructive machine
The hero wouldn't kill him...but he wouldn't save him either
Villain dissolved by the Tesseract
Villain is caught between the blasts of the two heroes and dies when his suit self destructs as a result
Villain gets his life sucked away by a fear eating monster
Villain gets a coin shoved through his head
Villain tries to save his symbiotic partner from a bomb blast and is blown up alongside it instead

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