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Can you name the 100 most important people in history?

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Christian Messiah
Invented the Printing Press
Freed India from British Rule
Muslim Prophet
Conquered much of Asia in the early 1200s
Sparked the Protestant Revolution
Macadonian Conquerer
Most Famous Roman Orator
First Roman Emperor
Renessance Artist
Rediscovered the New World
Expanded the Frankish Empire
German WW2 Leader
United Germany
Roman Dictator
Discovered Evolution
Greatest King of the New KIngdom of Egypt
3rd King of the Achaemenid empire
Lead Bolshevik Revolution
Founded Buddhism (Real Name)
Lead England Through WW2
Lead American Revolution
French Emperor Who Almost Conquered Europe
Father of Communism
Helped Invent the Lightbulb
Discovered Calculus
Lead the USSR through WW2
Biblical King
Conquered the Aztecs
Conquered the Incas
Invented the Scientific Method
Father of Western Philosophy
16th President of the USA
American President During the Majority of WW2
Lead Communist Revolution in China
Greatest Influence to Chinese Thought
Broke England Away From the Church
Father of Economics
Liberator of South America
Killer of The 16th President of the United States
Expanded the Russian Empire
Created Heliocentric Theory
Started Taoism
Discovered Penicillen
Founded the Persian Empire
Egyptian Queen who gave Egypt to Rome
American Bootlegging King
Victorian Serial Killer
Father of Computer Science
Invented the Smallpox Vaccine
Called for the Crusades
Expanded the Mauryan Empire to India
Created Mickey Mouse
Conquered England
Austrian Composer
First Christian Roman Emperor
Made a Strict Mesopotamian Code
'Discovered' the Eastern Coast of Australia
Lead Russia to Becoming a Great Power
Started WW1 by Killing Franz Ferdinand
Conquered Central Asia in the Late 14th Century
19th Century Novilist
Lead England to a Golden Age
Nordic Explorer who 'Discovered' the New World
United Spain (2 people)
Brothers who invented the Airplane
Aztec Leader when the Spanish Arrived
Made the Automobile readily available
Lead his elephants across the Alps
Unified Italy
Lead the Ottoman Empire to it's Greatest Extent
First Black President of South Africa
Very rich Mali Emperor
Secretary of War post American Civil War
Deaf Musical Composer
Founder of Mormonism
Founding Father Who 'discovered' Electricity
Knights Templar Prince Who May Have Reached the New World
Baseball Icon
Civil Rights Figure
Founder of Psychoanalysis
Father of Geometry
Made Important Discoveries About Radiation
German Leader During WW1
English Playwrite
Wrote 'The Iliad,' among other works
Discovered Reletivity
Created the Modern Economic Foundation for America, Also a Hit Broadway Play
Created a Cheap Steel Making Process
Confederate General
The 'Sun King' of France
Byzantine Emperor
Inventor/Electrical Engineer/Futurist
Founder of Space X, Pioneer of Electric Automobiles
Painted the Sistine Chaple
Discovered Genetics
Founder of Zoroastrianism
First Man to Walk on the Moon
Unified China
Brought Tobacco to Europe

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