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Can you name the Cryptic English Towns and Cities?

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Cryptic ClueTown or City
Professor on Rollers
The Bailey Arrived
The Goals Tavern
The Male has the Queen tattooed on his torso
The small river's crook
Tying up the pig
Detectives need them
Fill the harbour
The klaxons citrus skin for the girl
The organs small lake
Lock the door
It Is the Reapers
A famous bearded American
The centre area
The bodily entrance of the fortified wine
Cryptic ClueTown or City
Put the mast underground
Dash the cerial
Get a little extra help from the...
Push the heavy weight
Brand spanking biblical ship
Saucy town on the m5
Bottom of the ship
A wise partner
An illuminated heavy weight
Searching for a professor
Not the old shopping centre
Not an easterly gardening tool
Greek goddess' river crossing
Henry VIII's Forces Sweetheart
The unmaried womans skull

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