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What do we call something that can cause DNA damage and lead to cancer?
What do you call a malignant epithelial tumour of squamous origin?
What cell cycle checkpoint monitors spindle formation?
What do you call a benign epithelial tumour of glandular origin?
What is the most common type of brain tumour?
VEGF can be targeted by which drug?
Angiogenesis is promoted by what factor?
What chemotherapy agent binds tubulin subunits? (Clue:Not to be confused with methotrexate!)
What cell is characteristic of Hodgkins lymphoma?
Which type of Hodgkins lymphoma has the worst prognosis?
The TNM criteria is used to assess what about a tumour?
Duke's staging is specific for what type of cancer?
What do we call a mutation that doesn't lead to cancer?
What famous oncogene is created by a translocation?
A decrease in which pro-apoptotic factor can lead to colorectal cancer?
c-jun, c-myc and c-fos are examples of what?
What is the suffix for a malignant tumour of mesenchymal origin?
What term describes 'an abnormal mass of tissue which continues to grow after the stimulus has been removed'?
What is the name of programmed cell death?
What term describes 'abnormal increase in the number of normal cells'?
What tumour suppressor gene is regarded as the 'Guardian of the genome'?
What are HCG, AFP and PSA examples of?
Growth factors initiate which signalling cascade pathway?
Cdk1 activity relies on what?
What term describes a tumour that has a complete loss of differentiation?
Cell repair gene hMLH1/2 is associated with what type of cancer syndrome?
What term describes a variation in tumour size and shape?
What does a normal cell go into when it has reached it's finite proliferative capacity?
What's the name of a common diagnostic test for cervical cancer?
What gene is associated with an increased risk of breast/ovarian cancer?
What disease is a mutation in the Rb tumour suppressor gene associated with?
What term describes a dark staining nuclei due to increased nuclear DNA?
Proto-oncogenes require what kind of mutation to become oncogenes?
What enzyme to cancer cells re-activate to avoid senescence?
In what phase of the cell cycle is new DNA synthesised?
Radiotherapy kills tumour cells due to ...
What is the suffix for a benign mesenchymal tumour?
Name a cancer with a very poor prognosis
What do you call a epithelial dysplasia that has not crossed the basement membrane?
The degree of tumour differentiation is used to define what?

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