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Can you name the Words That Can Be Typed With One Hand?

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The 84th element on the Periodic TableRight Hand
A piece of hard candy attached to the end of a stick and is meant to be licked while held in the handRight Hand
Someone who ruins another person's fun or pleasureRight Hand
Two or more words sharing the same sound and spelling but having different meanings; ex. wind (air in motion) & wind (make a mechanical object work by twisting the key)Right Hand
The least amount possibleRight Hand/Left Hand (Alternate Answer)
A loose wide-sleeved robe with a wide sash; mainly JapaneseRight Hand
Personal view that cannot be supported with factsRight Hand
A long, loose-hanging brightly colored or patterned dress usually worn by Hawaiian womenRight Hand
The dead body of a human being that is preserved through embalming; ancient EgyptRight Hand
Not real; fake or counterfeit; insincereRight Hand
One followed by six zeros (written out)Right Hand
A small carnivorous mammal with the scientific name Mustela putorius. One variety is the black-footed ____________Left Hand
To grow in the manner of a plantLeft Hand
To give off bubbles; to show enthusiasm or excitementLeft Hand
A plant of the mustard family with pungent tasting leaves; scientific name Nasturtium officinaleLeft Hand
To echo or resound; to rebound or recoilLeft Hand
Synonym of trash; something that is uselessLeft Hand
Examples include cake, ice cream, cookies; usually eaten after dinnerLeft Hand
A car built for speed; used in NASCAR races (also a palindrome)Left Hand
Superlative form of the word 'great'Left Hand
To separate or set apart from others; African-Americans were _________ from white AmericansLeft Hand
A taste remaining in the mouth after the substance is swallowedLeft Hand

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