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DescriptionFamous James
Leader of Teamsters Union from 1957 to 1971; rumored to have been killed by the Mafia
One of the two scientists who discovered the double-helix structure of DNA
English chemist and mineralogist who donated money to the U.S. to fund a museum complex in Washington, D.C.
Fictional child genius who despises Cindy Vortex
Directed movies such as 'The Terminator,'Titanic,' and 'Avatar'
Famous for his song, 'Super Freak,' which was nominated for a Grammy
Notorious American outlaw who formed a gang with brother Frank and Cole and James Younger
King of England who had a colony in Virginia named after him in 1607
He was the man who killed Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968
DescriptionFamous James
The hero of Star Trek, who commands the Enterprise
U.S. President who was assassinated in 1881 by Charles Guiteau
Fictional spy created by Ian Fleming; his code number is 007
English explorer who helped to chart many Pacific islands; he now has an island named after him near Australia
One of four U.S. Presidents to win the Nobel Peace Prize
'Father of the Constitution'
Became the most hated man in Cleveland, Ohio when he moved to Miami
Scottish instrument maker who helped to develop the steam engine
Led a World War II raid on Tokyo, Japan in April 1942

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