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Who is Cartmans Biological Father?
What did Stan sign the kids up ziplining for?
Who is Butters bully in the ' Butterballs' episode?
What is the name of the Ethiopian child the kids meet in Africa?
What animal did the book club guy have sex with?
What do the boys try to protect Ike from?
What is the name of they tour the kids join in Costa Rica?
How many kids are in the Worldwide Recorder Concert?
What is the name of Cartmans Cell Mate when he is put in jail for a hate crime?
Who argued to keep the South Park flag the same?
What Swear Word became acceptable to say at one point?
What class did Mr. Garrison teach proper condom use to?
What is the name of Kyles cousin from Connecticut?
What did Jared say he used in South Park to help lose weight?
What did the boys find out about Earth in the episode ' Cancelled'?
What is Cartmans favorite Mexican Restaraunt?
What is the name of the Restaraunt Stan goes to when Wendy breaks up with him?
What is the name of Cartmans Christian Rock Band?
What is the name of the new mormon kid in South Park?
What weapon accidentaly hit Butters in the eye?
What did the Jacksons change their name to so they cant be recognized?
What year did humans travel back from in ' Goobacks'?
What is the name of the kid who wanted to kill the kids in ' Pre-School'?
What did the surgeon put in Kyles knees to make him taller?
Where is the bloody mary statue bleeding in the Bloody Mary episode?
What is the name of Lu Kims Wife?
Who put Cartman in his place?
Where did the main lice end up in ' Lice Capades'?
What is ' The F word' episode describe in the new definition?
What did Kennys parents get arrested for?

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