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Can you name the NBA Top 100 Best Scorers of The 2016-2017 Season?

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1 31.6/Oklahoma City Thunder
229.1/Houston Rockets
328.9/Boston Celtics/
428.0/New Orleans Pelicans
527.3/Toronto Raptors
627.0/Portland Trail Blazers
727.0/Sacramento Kings/New Orelans Pelicans
826.4/Cleveland Cavaliers
925.5/San Antonio Spurs
1025.3/Golden State Warriors
1125.2/Cleveland Cavaliers
1225.1/Minnesota Timberwolves
1325.1/Golden State Warriors
1423.9/Chicago Bulls
1523.7/Indiana Pacers
1623.6/Minnesota Timberwolves
1723.2/Charlotte Hornets
1823.1/Washington Wizards
1923.1/Washington Wizards
2023.0/Portland Trail Blazers
2122.9/Milwaukee Bucks
2222.4/New York Knicks
2322.4/Toronto Raptors
2422.3/Golden State Warriors
2522.1/Phoenix Suns
2621.9/Utah Jazz
2721.6/Los Angeles Clippers
2821.1/Phoenix Suns
2920.5/Brooklyn Nets
3020.5/Memphis Grizzlies
3120.3/Miami Heat
3219.5/Memphis Grizzlies
3319.2/Dallas Mavericks
3419.0/Cleveland Cavaliers
3518.3/Chicago Bulls
3618.2/Denver Nuggets
3718.1/New York Knicks
3818.1/Los Angeles Clippers
3918.1/Atlanta Hawks
4018.0/New York Knicks
4117.9/Atlanta Hawks
4217.5/Los Angeles Lakers/ Houston Rockets
4317.3/San Antonio Spurs
4417.2/Orlando Magic
4517.0/Miami Heat
4616.7/Denver Nuggets
4716.2/Houston Rockets
4816.1/Orlando Magic//Detroit Pistons
4915.9/Oklahoma City Thunder
5015.7/Denver Nuggets
5115.6/Los Angeles Lakers
5215.4/New Orleans Pelicans
5315.3/Indiana Pacers
5415.1/Charlotte Hornets
5515.0/Los Angeles Clippers
5614.8/Orlando Magic
5714.7./Los Angeles Lakers
5814.6/Orlando Magic
5914.5/Indiana Pacers
6014.5/Atlanta Hawks
6114.4/Phoenix Suns
6214.3/Oklahoma City Thunder
6314.1/Memphis Grizzlies
6414.0/Utah Jazz
6514.0/Boston Celtics
6614.0/Detroit Pistons
6714.0/Washington Wizards
6813.9/Boston Celtics
6913.8/Detroit Pistons
7013.7/Brooklyn Nets
7113.7/Miami Heat
7213.7/Denver Nuggets
7313.6/Detroit Pistons
7413.6/Houston Rockets
7513.6/Atlanta Hawks
7613.5/Dallas Mavericks
7713.4/Washington Wizards
7813.2/Sacramento Kings
7913.2/Los Angeles Lakers
8013.2/Los Angeles Lakers
8113.1/Brooklyn Nets
8213.1/Oklahoma City Thunder/Atlanta Hawks
8312.9/Philadelphia 76ers
8412.8/Philadelphia 76ers
8512.8/Miami Heat
8612.8/Dallas Mavericks
8712.8/Orlando Magic
8812.7/Orlando Magic
8912.7/Los Angeles Clippers
9012.7/Utah Jazz
9112.6/Houston Rockets
9212.4/San Antonio Spurs
9312.3/Los Angeles Clippers
9412.0/Los Angeles Clippers
9512.0/Toronto Raptors
9611.7/Milwaukee Bucks
9711.7/Houston Rockets
9811.7/Charlotte Hornets
9911.3/Oklahoma City Thunder
10011.2/Charlotte Hornets

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