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Can you name the LOST episode based on the event provided?

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EventEpisode Title
The Monster eats the pilot
Sayid meets Rousseau
Claire gives birth to Aaron
Jack gets a piece of Arnzt on him
Jack and Locke watch the film reel from The Swan
Kate blows up her house
Henry Gale is captured and subsequently tortured
Michael shoots Ana Lucia and Libby
Jack performs surgery on Ben
Jack's tattoo mystery is solved
Ben takes Locke to see 'Jacob's cabin' for the first time
Charlie reveals to Desmond that it's not Penny's boat
EventEpisode Title
Daniel Faraday arrives to the island.
Desmond calls Penny on Christmas Eve
Keamy shoots Alex right in front of Ben
The Ajira flight crashes
Ben strangles Locke to death
The final island flash sends the remaining Islanders to the 1970s
Jacob touches Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Ilana, Locke, Jin, Sun, Jack, and Hurley, but not Juliet.
Oceanic 815 lands.
The Monster massacres the Temple dwellers.
Richard accepts Jacob's job offer
Widmore's submarine sinks.

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