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QUIZ: Can you name the Bleach characters from their bold descriptions in MASKED?

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DescriptionCharacter Name
New Arrancar born from the Hogyoku
The __ Company Captain with an insatiable curiosity
The Arrancar with a grudge against Ichigo and the Kurosaki family
A man born under an unlucky star
The __ Company Captain who embraces his officers with kindness
The free-spirited Visored in a rider suit
Powerful guardian of the 22nd underground passageway
Hueco Mundo's greatest researcher of perfection
Walking the path he believes in, the __ Company Assistant Captain
Always true to his instincts, the self-proclaimed mascot
The __ Company Assistant Captain who feels guily for harming a friend
The sleepy and lazy Espada
Still Rukia's emotional support, __ Company's former Assistant Captain
Short-tempered girl who hates humans and Soul Reapers
The blue-haired panther king seeking the height of battle
Giant man who tags along with Urahara
__ Company Assistant Captain who still believes in Aizen
__ Company Captain who commands an ice dragon
__ Company's giant spoiled Assistant Captain
The cool and collected female Espada
Battle-tested veteran dubbed 'The Flash Master'
Keigo's vivacious older sister who loves shaved heads
The Visored specialist in barriers and kido
Large-bodied Arrancar who travels alongside Ulquiorra
The self-absorbed Visored
The Vidored infatuated with manga
Fraccion of Grimmjow who mounted a suprise attack on the world of the living
DescriptionCharacter Name
Mysterious manager of __ Shoten
__ Espada seeking the strong to proclaim himself as best
The coldhearted, green-eyes Arrancar who carries out Aizen's orders with indifference
Beauty transcends all. __ Company's seated officer
Fraccion devoted to Nel
Grimmjow's taciturn Gillian
__ Company's taciturn Adjutant
Covert Mission Specialist __ Company Captain
The __ Company Captain with the gentle healing touch
Fraccion who protects Nel like his own sister
Loly's running mate
Girl Arrancar jealous of Orihime
A Gillian that rose to the rank of __ Espada
__ Company's renowned advisor who holds the reigns of Captain __
The leader of the rebellion who stands atop all Arrancars
The man known as the last Quincy
Grimmjow's cocky replacement
The __ Espada who dominates with love
The true identity of the Kurosaki family head was. . . ?
Quick and agile guardian of the 22nd underground passageway
A mysterious transfer student who straddles the line between Soul Reaper and Arrancar
A compassionate Soul Reaper who controls ice and snow
__ Company Assistant Captain who also carries out the duties of a Captain
The dauntless Espada who holds contempt for others
__ Company's clumsy 7th seat rushing to Hueco Mundo to provide relief
Grimmjow's subordinate who calls Soul Reapers his bothers
Battle-hardened veteran Soul Reaper commanding the Thirteen Court Guard Companies
DescriptionCharacter Name
Aizen's subordinate with a cold smile
Keigo's best friend and straight man to Keigo's funnyman
__ Company's loyal Captain
Grimmjow's Fraccion who communicates with his fists
Grimmjow's gentlemanly subordinate
Karate girl and Ichigo's childhood friend
The strong and pound Privaron Espada
Deputy Soul Reaper reconized by the Soul Society who protects his friends, comrades, and family
The 'one' who holds the position of 3rd seat of __ Company
Courageous lifesaver
Man of steel protecting and fighting for his friends
The Privaron Espada warrior who swore to God to swing his fists at full strength
__ Company's voluptuous Assistant Captain
Count him out of meaningless conflict! Genryusai's beloved pupil.
Ex-__ Espada who values justice
Cold and calm __ Company Captain
Proud Quincy who despises Soul Reapers
__ Company Captain who wishes for nothing but battle
Brown-skinned ex-Soul Reaper who upholds his sense of justice
The gentlemanly but greedy Privaron Espada
The young Arrancar girl fond of Ichigo
__ Company's full-sized Assistant Captain serving Captain __
Strong-minded and dirty-minded Visored
Macho Visored who elegantly carries out household chores
Making a name for himself, ex-Zaraki Company's passionate man

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