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Forced Order
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I bring your worst fears to life.
I attack those with blood type AB negative.
I steal the life force of young women to regain my youth.
To get rid of me, shatter my reflection.
Phoebe was afraid of the basement because of me.
We steal the eyesight of children in order to see auras around people.
I help mortals achieve their goals in exchange for souls.
I feed on testosterone with my razor sharp tongue.
I cause mortals to become incapable of love.
The poison in our arrows is lethal only to beings of light.
I bestow youth and beauty in exchange for souls.
My passion is collecting one-of-a-kind figurines.
I have the ability to become invisible, but cold is my weakness.
I was sent by the Triad to kill the Charmed Ones but my human half fell in love.
I was cursed with the power of empathy by a priest.
I was freed from my prison to prevent the avatars creating 'utopia'.
I want my wand back.
My scream is lethal to my victims.
I am a demonic hitman, I described myself as 'the end'.
We force evildoers to hear the cries of all their former victims.
I am made of pure electricity.
I wanted the Firestarter in my demonic training school.
I will continue to reconstitute until my remains are buried in a cemetery.
Cole used one of us to infect Paige, making her confused and paranoid.
I used my power to see the future to serve the source of all evil.
I seduce married men with my song.
I was trying to find my love a body, and mummified two Charmed Ones.
I foresaw the power of the twice blessed child and used a monkey totem to get to him.
I am the ghost of a demon vanquished.
We are a race of demi-goddesses who take warrior's souls to Valhalla.
We were able to steal the Charmed Ones' identities.
I wanted to resurrect the lost city of Zanbar.
I emerge every hundred years to feed off the most powerful magical being I detect.
I can possess any living being and once helped Barbas.
I desire beauty, power and respect.
I was Wyatt's 'imaginary friend'.
I absorb the essence of other magical beings.
I have the ability to manipulate time although I never met the Charmed Ones in person.
There is no known method of vanquishing us, we exist in spirit form until strong enough to find new bodies.
I stole the book of shadows and read it backwards.
I am a demonic infector and possessed the seven deadly sins.

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