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Official Name
Flag Color
Flag Color
Flag Color
Flag Color
Capital City
Official Motto (in English)
National Anthem
Independence from
Independence Day
Official Language
Official Language
Former Official Language
Largest City
Second Largest City
Third Largest City
Fourth Largest City
Age of Suffrage (for married couples/municipal elections)
Age of Suffrage (for national elections)
Nationality (Demonym)
Bordering Ocean
Bordering Sea
Bordering Sea
Bordering Sea
Bordering Sea
Explorer who found the islands
First Female President
Drives on the....
Internet Country Code
National Pastime (Sport)
National Bird
National Hero
_______ Death March (WWII)
Country Calling Code
Estimated # of Islands (to the nearest 1,000 at low tide)
Largest Religion
Famous Boxer and Politician
Official Residence of the President
Island where MacArthur returned
Estimated Coastline (nearest 1,000, in km)
Volcano that erupted in 1991
Year of the People Power Revolution
Primary Continent
Three Main Regions|Island Groupings
Three Main Regions|Island Groupings
Three Main Regions|Island Groupings
Famous for owning close to 3,000 pairs of shoes

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