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Can you name the two words made by moving the beginning letter to the end (see example)?

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First Hint ----> Second HintAnswer
spade, diamond, club, _____ --------------------> the 3rd rock from the sun
vertical measurement ---------> half of a quarter
gratuitous, independent, costless ---------------> Great Barrier ____
a quick dash --> word after finger, photo, or paw
actor Hawke ----> feudal lord of Scotland
give off or discharge; as of light or heat --------> a very small arachnid that infests animals
a very small arachnid that infests animals -----> a whole individual unit; a thing
small, round, purple, soft-skinned fruit ----------> large piece of something with indefinite shape
First Hint ----> Second HintAnswer
grassy tract of land where livestock graze ------> frustration, belligerence
a smile ----------> the sound a bell makes
apiece ----------> a dull persistent pain
a colorless volatile highly inflammable liquid ----> not here but...
like Hitler, Satan, or Darth Vader ---------------> morally reprehensible; thoroughly unpleasant
what you give a child at birth --------------------> what you say after a prayer
a GPS company based in Kansas City -----------> the act of equiping with weapons
Star Trek II: The Wrath of ____ -----------------> Hall of Fame baseball player Aaron

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