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Can you name the Most Mentioned Harry Potter characters not shown in the movies?

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Slytherin stuffed into Vanishing Cabinet
History of Magic Professor
Order Member protecting Dursleys (witch)
Dudley's friend in 1st book
1st Gurg that Hagrid meets
Colin Creevey's brother
Gryffindor Chaser in Half-Blood Prince
Irish National Team Chaser
Old lady Voldemort stole locket and cup from
Works with dragons in Romania
Voldemort's Uncle
Hogwarts Poltergeist
Hermione's Dueling Club partner
Barty Crouch Sr.'s house-elf
Neville Longbottom's Gran
Lost Ministry witch in 4th book
Ministry official sent to the Gaunt House
Hogwarts Librarian
Substitute Care of Magical Creatures professor
House-elf of Hepzibah Smith
Order member caught breaking into Department of Mysteries
Albus Dumbledore's mother
Muggle harmed by Death Eaters at Quidditch World Cup
Slytherin male in Inquisitorial Squad
Irish National Team Seeker
Order Member protecting Dursleys (wizard)
Betrayor in Dumbledore's Army
Voldemort's Mother
Apparation Teacher
Robes shop owner in Diagon Alley
Irish National Team Chaser
Voldemort's Grandfather
Voldemort's Father
Nymphadora's father
Quidditch World Cup referee
Gryffindor Beater in Half-Blood Prince
Ron's owl
Triwizard Tournament Judge

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