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QUIZ: Can you name the Can you name these places in the Silmarillion?

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ImportanceThe PlaceExtra info
Greatest elf city of the first age lorded by TurgonShould be one of the easiest answers
Morgoth's seat of powerAlso very easy
The realm within the girdle of MelianYou have not read the book if you don't know this
The capital of ThingolMaybe you were not thinking
Where Sauron's fortress isSlightly harder both answers are accepted
The uttermost westIf you get this wrong just stop
The houses of the deadOnly one answer is accepted and it should be easy
Also known as the house of ransom, origional nameThis is slightly harder remembering the dwarf name for it
Hurin's kingdom, turin's birthplaceThis should be easy
Fëanor's fortressThis is harder still
The capital of the NoldorThis was the main place in the beginning of the book
ImportanceThe PlaceExtra info
Great city of the dwarves Azaghâl was its lordThese two are only ever mentioned in passing
The second great city of the dwarvesThese two are only ever mentioned in passing
Círdan's islandBoth the simple and long version are accepted
Home of ThorondorOnly one answer, its more specific
Home of Finrod FelagundThis should be simple
Land of the Green ElvesI will give you the benefit of the doubt
Stronghold of MaedhrosThis is probably one of the hardest on here
Where the 'kin slaying' took placeThis is difficult
The great city of the Lords of the WestThis is easy
The Ring of DoomThis is probably the hardest question on here
Land north of the girdle of Melian, where Glaurung was slainI think this is right in the middle

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