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Forced Order
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As good as a romantic comedy based on a Steve Harvey self-help relationship book can be.
A satisfying conclusion to Christopher Nolan's rich, epic trilogy.
Though not worthy of scorn and derision, this space epic marks a mediocre live-action debut for Pixar's Andrew Stanton.
A step outside Disney Animation's comfort zone yields Pixar-type creativity and entertainment levels.
It's disappointing that a great actor portraying a great President doesn't add up to something more interesting in the hands of a director who has long specialized in entertainment
Nature buffs will scoff and the general public might shrug, but Disneynature's narrative-driven doc is full of charm.
Actors with struggling film careers save whales in the way that you'd expect.
Newly-gifted teens are an interesting subject for found footage treatment, until they are not.
A spiritually open-minded Indian teenager and a feisty tiger make a sea shipwreck most enjoyable.
Fine but nothing new, this fails to live up to Sam Raimi's trilogy or blaze its own trail.
Paul Thomas Anderson challenges viewers with his potent, cinematic character study.
Another Dr. Seuss book gets questionably expanded, but at least the flavor and music overshadow the preachy social commentary.
Richard Linklater's darkly comedic, documentary-like presentation serves this arresting small town true crime story well.
This dream team of Marvel superheroes excels to a greater degree than most of the characters' standalone films.
Judd Apatow is really content to make the same movie again and again, but that movie has got a lot more humor and heart to it than most.
This ensemble geriatric British comedy makes an easy but agreeable bid for your heart.
Eye-opening behind-the-scenes looks at fame and interesting backstory overshadow shallow, sugary pop music performance.
Robert Zemeckis' return to live-action with this mature, thought-provoking drama is just what we and he needed.
Not as good as the original, but much better than the sequel, this installment wins you over after a rough start.
Even one of Pixar's lesser efforts is still more magical than the vast majority of modern cinema.

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