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Can you name the famous person based on his/her famous death?

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Date of DeathPersonDeath
Around 399 BCSentenced to poisoning by Hemlock by an Athenian jury
March 15, 44 BCWith the senate growing more and more angry at him, he ended up being stabbed 23 times by some of its members
Around 33 ADOrdered by Pontius Pilate to be executed by crucifixion for claiming to be king of the Jews
January 31, 1606Executed by English officials after a failed gunpowder-related assassination of King James I of England
May 30, 1431Burned at the stake for refusing to deny her claims that she spoke with God
July 12, 1804Shot and killed in a duel with Aaron Burr, a rival politician
April 15, 1865Assassinated during a viewing of the play Our American Cousin at the Ford's Theatre less than a week after the American Civil War ended
July 29, 1890This painter of such paintings as Still Life: Vase with Twelve Sunflowers, shot himself after years of mental illness
April 12, 1945His presidency ended with his polio-related death
April 28, 1945Executed by members of the Italian Social Republic, however his body was found hanging upside down and badly damaged at a gas station
April 30, 1945With his enemies closing in on him, he and his wife committed suicide at the Reich Chancellory
February 3, 1959This member of the band 'The Crickets' died in an airplane crash
July 2, 1961This author of The Old Man and the Sea shot himself
November 22, 1963While riding with his wife through Dallas, TX, this president was shot and killed
August 16, 1977After years of drug-use, this rocker died of a heart-attack and was found in a bathroom
December 8, 1980A man, claiming to have been inspired by the J.D Salinger book The Catcher in the Rye, shot this rocker several times in the back, then proceeded to read the book some more.
February 18, 2001This Intimidator died in a crash during his last lap of a NASCAR race
June 10, 2004This soul musician died of liver cancer, which may have been caused by his heroin addiction.
August 10, 2008The voice actor of Chef on South Park died on the same day as Bernie Mac from a stroke
June 28, 2009This spokesman for OxiClean had a sudden and mysterious death, most likely caused by heart disease

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