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What are all living things made of?
Which type of cell is complex and includes all animal and plant cells?
Which type of cell is smaller and simpler e.g. bacteria?
What are the different parts of a cell called?
Part of a cell which contains genetic material that controls the activities of the cell
Gel-like substance where most of the chemical reactions happen
What does it contain that controls these chemical reactions?
Holds the cell together and controls what goes in and out
These are where most of the reactions for aerobic respiration take place
What does respiration transfer that the cell needs to work?
These are where proteins are made in the cell
This part of a plant cell is rigid and supports the cell and strengthens it
What is it made of?
Contains cell sap, a weak solution of sugars and salts
These are where photosynthesis occurs, which makes food for the plant
What is the name of the green substance they contain?
What does this absorb for photosynthesis?
What do bacterial cells have a single circular strand of instead of a 'true' nucleus?
They may also contain one or more small rings of DNA called what?

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