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Cell Biology - Cell Differentiation and Specialisation

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What is the name of the process by which a cell changes to become specialised for its job?
What are undifferentiated cells called?
The function of a sperm is basically to get the male DNA to what?
It has a long tail and a streamlined head to help it swim to the what?
What are there a lot of in the cell to provide the energy needed?
What does it also carry in its head to digest through the egg cell membrane?
The function of nerve cells is to carry what type of signals from one part of the body to another?
The function of a muscle cell is to do what quickly?
These cells are long and contain lots of mitochondria to generate what?
Root hair cells give the plant a big surface area for absorbing water and what else from the soil?
Phloem and what other type of cell form tubes which transport substances such as food and water around plants?
These cells are what in the centre?
Phloem cells have very few of what structures to allow substances to flow through them?

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