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Opening linePoem
After I learned to transubstantiate
I had grieved.
Ice in the trees.
A suspicion, a doubt, a jealousy
In the convent, y'all
By Christ, he could bore for Purgatory.
I'm not the first or the last
Ladies, for argument's sake,
At childhood's end
I sank like a stone
The Devil was one of the men at work,
Cold, I was, like snow, like ivory.
Girls, I was dead and down
At first, I looked along the road
It was late September.
Opening linePoem
First things first. I married Faust.
The bed we loved in was a spinning world
I’m fond, nereids and nymphs,
That’s him pushing the stone up the hill, the jerk.
These myths going round, these legends, fairytales,
I shrank myself
All I know is this:
Where I lived - Winter and hard earth.
I'd done it before
Firstly, his hands - a woman's.
I remember peeping in at his skyscraper room
Teach me, he said
7 April 1852.
I’d loved them fervently since childhood.
There are the twins

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