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'Enter, Autotrader'
'Smoke weed everyday'
'You're joking,you must be smoking'
'A yogga yogga, yay'
'Break dance on my back, just like a turtle'
'You're barmy, think you're crew is your army'
'Fire in the hole! If you don't know, you'd better get to know'
'You and me'
'We're back for the new return'
'Red, stop, green, go'
'I'll be the drum and bass Obi Wan Kenobi'
''I can do the Grime thing, born out of the hip hop'
'Girl want a buiscuit half an e'
'The demon rockers' (?)
'Lyrical b, gonna be heavy'
'Jungalistical attack'
'Fully loaded'

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