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Can you name the People and Places of the Civil War?

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Forced Order
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President of the Confederacy
President of the Union
Commander of the Confederate Army
Confederate Capital
Union Capital
1st State to secede from the Union
Where the first shots of the Civil War were fired
Battle that showed both sides needed training
Rallied his Confederate troops to a victory, and earned his nickname, at the Battle of Bull Run
The Monitor and Merrimack were what kind of ships?
Bloodiest day in American history
This battle was a Confederate victory, but General 'Stonewall' Jackson was killed
Union Commander in the West
In 1862, this freed the slaves living in the Confederacy
This African American Regiment led the attack on Fort Wagner
1st African American to win the Congressional MOH. He won it for his heroics at Fort Wagner
Northerners who opposed using force to keep the South in the Union
Founded the American Red Cross
This battle was a Union victory in the West, and it split the Confederacy in half and broke up the main supply route of the Confederacy
Union victory, turning point of the war, and bloodiest battle in American history
269 words long, took Lincoln 3 minutes to deliver, and completely changed the outlook of the war
What it's called when an army destroys anything that could be useful to their enemy
What it was called when Gen. Sherman captured Atlanta and waged total war on his way to the Atlantic coast
Where Gen. Lee surrendered his army to Gen. Grant

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