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Can you name the movies that have a country in their names?

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The Exodus, but animated1998
Jonathan Pryce up against the system1985
Bombs and epic romance down under2008
A gunslinging mariachi south of the border2003
Kung fu and Kurt Russell1986
Spying with a distinctly Soviet flavour1963
Four adventure movies, but only this one is actually set here1984
It's more about Uganda2006
Thirty years of Richard Dreyfuss's music teaching1995
One man's love for America (and Pamela Anderson)2006
A North African comic caper1942
Robin Williams cheering up the troops1987
Hollywood on Middle Eastern oil2005
Story of a modern-day genocide 2004
Terrorists are frankly no match for roundhouse kicks1985
Street-smart animals wash up on this island2005
World War II in the Southeast Asia jungle1945
A country, a state and Jane Fonda2007
Tale of a trainee skinheads in the 1980s2006
What Sarah Palin might have you believe is an answer to this quiz1985

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