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Can you name the Alternative Rock's Number 1 Artists?

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'Miss Murder'
'Check My Brain'
'Smooth Criminal'
'Feel Good Drag'
'Do I Wanna Know?'
'Like A Stone'/'Be Yourself'
'Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)'
'Love Shack'/'Channel Z'
'One Week'
'Ch-Check It Out'
'Feed The Tree'
'Rush'/'Just Play Music!'
'Tighten Up'/'Gold On The Ceiling'/'Lonely Boy'
'I Wanna Get Better'
'No Rain'
'All The Small Things'/'I Miss You'
'Mother Mother'
'Glycerine'/'The Chemicals Between Us'
'Love And Anger'
'Shake Me Down'/'Come A Little Closer'
'Never There'
'Pictures Of Matchstick Men'
'Safe And Sound'
'Send The Pain Below'
'Too Close'
'Viva La Vida'/'Paradise'
'Charlotte Anne'
'Veronica'/'The Other Side Of Summer'
'Einstein On The Beach (For An Eggman)'
'Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now)'
'Mountain Man'
'Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm'
'Friday I'm In Love'/'Fascination Street'
'I'll Be Your Chauffer'
'You Are A Tourist'
'Enjoy The Silence'/'Policy Of Truth'
'Lay Me Down'
'Counting Blue Cars'
'Novocaine For The Soul'
'Get The Message'
'Bring Me To Life'
'Inside Out'
'Everything To Everyone'
'What It's Like'
'Midlife Crisis'
'The Way'
'Out Of My League'/'The Walker'
'Mountain At My Gates'
'All My Life'/'Best Of You'/'Learn To Fly'
'Pumped Up Kicks'
'Hemorrhage (In My Hands)'
'We Are Young'/'Some Nights'
'Steam'/'Digging In The Dirt'
'#1 Crush'
'Found Out About You'
'Feel Good Inc.'
'Somebody That I Used To Know'
'When I Come Around'/'Longview'
'Tongue Tied'
'Kinky Afro'
'So You Think You're In Love'
'Celebrity Skin'
'The Reason'
'Come Anytime'
'Drive'/'Megalomaniac'/'Anna Molly'
'Suicide Blonde'
'Been Caught Stealing'/'Stop!'/'Just Because'
'Blues From A Gun'
'Right Here, Right Now'/'The Devil You Know'
'Cold Hard B!t#h'
'The Middle'/'Pain'
'My Sister'
'When You Were Young'
'Ex's & Oh's'
'Use Somebody'/'Sex On Fire'
'Come With Me Now'
'Fly Away'
'Into Your Arms'
'Hanging By A Moment'
'Numb'/'In The End'/'Faint'
'My Own Worst Enemy'
'Lightning Crashes'/'Selling The Drama'
'Last Train Home'
'So Alive'
'Ho Hey'
'Proud To Fall'
'Sex And Candy'
'Forgotten Years'/'Blue Sky Mine'
'The Impression That I Get'
'Stolen Dance'
'Float On'/'Lampshades On Fire'
'You Oughta Know'/'Ironic'
'The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get'/'Tomorrow'
'I Will Wait'/'Little Lion Man'/'Believe'
'Cuts You Up'
'Madness'/'Uprising'/'Dead Inside'
'Welcome To The Black Parade'
'Not Sleeping Around'
'Sweater Weather'
'How You Remind Me'
'The Hand That Feeds'/'Only'
'Smells Like Teen Spirit'/'All Apologies'
'Trip Switch'
'Nothing Compares 2 U'/'The Emperor's New Clothes'
'Wonderwall'/'Champagne Supernova'
'Little Talks'
'Come Out And Play'/'You're Gonna Go Far, Kid'
'Youth Of The Nation'
'Last Resort'
'Weak And Powerless'
'Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand'
'House'/'All That Money Wants'
'No One Knows'
'Losing My Religion'/'Drive'/'Stand'
'Steady, As She Goes'
'Every Beat Of The Heart'
'Scar Tissue'/'Give It Away'
'What's Good (The Thesis)'/'Dirty Blvd.'
'I'll Be You'/'Merry Go Round'
'Rise Above This'/'Fake It'
'Closing Time'
'Second Chance'
'Panic Switch'
'Kiss Them For Me'/'Peek-A-Boo'
'See The Lights'
'Walkin' On The Sun'
'Somebody To Shove'/'Misery'
'It's Been Awhile'/'So Far Away'/'Believe'
'All This Time'
'Between The Lines'
'What I Got'
'Every Morning'/'Fly'
'Fat Lip'
'Here's Where The Story Ends'
'Sax And Violins'
'Sowing The Seeds Of Love'/'Break It Down Again'
'Semi-Charmed Life'
'Kings And Queens'/'This Is War'
'Just Like You'/'Animal I Have Become'
'Fall Down'
'Stressed Out'
'One'/'Mysterious Ways'
'Seein' Red'
'Blood Makes Noise'
'The Freshmen'
'One Headlight'
'Shut Up And Dance'
'Perfect Situation'/'Pork And Beans'
'Seven Nation Army'/'Icky Thump'
'Way Down Now'
'The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead'/'The Mayor Of Simpleton'
'Down'/'Love Song'
'These Are Days'

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