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Can you name the Karl Pilkington Rockbusters?

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This young man prepared for his deathW Y
Better than the average homeless personS
This little girl is hungry, what should we do?F
Il take that book to the toilet with meL R
Blow the candles out before you eat the cakeF L
How can i wash up in something shaped like thatN S
At the moment im in a river full of logsJ T
That lads got bad asthmaW
I saw mousetrap the other night but the heating was knackeredC
I dont like them birds, they shouldnt be allowed in this areaB
He doesnt like women, yet hes got a couple of kids, bit weird innit?P D
That bloke who does sport on the tele, hes got a little kidD C
The army has got some well nice trenchesD W
The top of them curtains are wrecked, all the materials wornH V
I was in texas and landed on my knees in a puddleW H
The fella has only got one badge leftE
The unmarried lady is a friend I eat out withM D
I really really love that women, i love everything she doesM
Stop throwing that fruit aboutC B
That scottish fella has made an errorM
God you can make a right load of toast with themG
Youve been dunking that for too longL B
You wont be able to play that game in this pub, the table aint big enoughF D
Well, ive had a rubbish day so im happy its overG K
That'll never get off the groundL Z
That womens got her husbands gloves, and a pair of her ownH H
Youll get a load of bacon off themL
There's a load of letters there asking for advice, put them on claires desk, oh and er have a good christmasF
Ask your mum if you should, afer youve wrapped the presentsS
A couple of people were arguing in the supermarket at the fruit and beg counter, but its busy in there cos its christmas so that probably what brought it onB

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