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Forced Order
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HintAnswerExtra Info
largest marine phylum
beard wormslack a mouth
class of molluscatusk shells
order of mammaliamanatees and dugongs
class of echinodermatabrittlestars
flightless, swimmers, live in Antarctica
class of chordatacartilaginous fish, include sharks, rays, and skates
commission that regulates whale huntingpassed Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972
longest and deepest diver, largest toothed whale
class of echinodermatastarfish
class of molluscamollusks, snails, limpets, abalone, sea slugs
excrement of birds mined for fertilizer
class of arthropodaseaspiders
class of chordatabony fish
class of annelidaleeches
class of echinodermatasea urchins, heart urchins, sand dollars
class of echinodermatasea lilies and featherstars
class of annelidahave parapodia, larva form is a trocophore larvae
class of echinodermatasea cucumbers
segmented words
order of mammaliaseals, sea lions, walruses
arrow wormscommon form of plankton
bryozoanscontain zooids that secrete skeletons
HintAnswerExtra Info
class of molluscaoctopi, squids, cuttlefish
subphylum of arthropodaincludes copepods, barnacles, amphipods, isopods, krill, and decapods
lives in saltwater and breeds in freshwatersalmon
order of reptiliasea snakes, marine iguana
ribbon wormshave a proboscis to entangle prey
radial symmetry, bilateral larvae, endoskeletons, tube feet, ampullae
order of mammaliawhales, dolphins, and porpoises
class of molluscaclams, mussels, oysters, shipworms
segmented body, joint appendages, tough exoskeleton
order of mammaliasea otters, polar bears
cold blooded
class of arthropodahorseshoe crabs
camouflage technique used in open water
covered with waterproof feathers to conserve body heat
dorsal nerve cord, gill slits, notochord, anal tailincludes sea squirts and salps
class of molluscachiton, eight overlapping shell plates
lives in freshwater breeds in salt watereels
class of chordatajawless fish, cylindrical body
planktonic larva of gastropods and bivalves
order of reptiliasaltwater crocodile
class of annelidalack paradoia
order of reptilia sea turtles, endangered

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