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attempts to circumnavigate the globe but dies in Philippines, HMS Victoria1519-1522
pathfinder of the seas, father of modern oceanography and naval meteoroogy, scientist of the Seas, wrote Physical Geography of the Sea
first who attempted to reach the North Pole, trapped in Siberia1893
Swiss oceanographer known for developing underwater vehicles for studying ocean currents
first one to describe the powerful Florida current
American marine biologist, friend of John Steinbeck
sails around the Cape of Good Hope all the way to India1498
accompanied Magellan and led the expedition after Magellan's death
creator of the Beaufort scale for indicating wind force
known for natural selection, wrote On the Origin of Species and formed theory about atoll formation
submarine that reaches the North Pole1958
British scientist noted for discovering hydrogen
HMS Endeavour, charted the coast of New Zealand and Australia1772-1775
goes to South America and discovers it extends farther than originally believed1499-1502
discovers the Hawaiian Islands and north of the Bering Sea, first to sail the polar seas of both hemispheres1778-1779
frenchman who developed the aqualung, scuba diving equipment, with Emile Gagnan
crossing the Isthmus fo Panama, seeing the Pacific Ocean
discovers North America but believed it was India1492
American marine biologist who wrote Silent Spring, documenting horrors of pollution
HMS Beagle, developed idea of natural selection, Galapagos Islands1831-1836
rounded the Cape of Good Hope1487-1488
HintAnswerExtra Info
chief scientist of NOAA, Her Deepness, Sturgeon General, women's depth record
famous in ocean management for popularizing the term freedom of the seas through his treatise Mare Liberum
HMS Challenger, Lightning, Porcupine refuted idea tha life could not exist at depths below 550m1872-1876
known for continental drift and plate tectonics theory, The Origins of Continents and Oceans
English lawyer who proposed the atmospheric mechanism by which Trade Winds are sustained
British scientist stated that as pressure increases, volume decreases, pressure and volume are inversely related
inventor of the radar
expedition of 3 German ships to sound the ocean floor, most complete examination1925-1927
British naval officer and explorer who located the position of the North Magnetic Pole
inventor of the Niskin bottle which superseded the Nansen bottle
discovered and explored Brazil1500
North Atlantic circulation patterns, charted the Gulf Stream
submersible that discovers the wreck of the RMS Titanic, also discovered USS Scorpion1986
Norwegian oceanographer, sverdup, a unit of volume flux named after him
used longships to travel to Constantinople, Volga River, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland
submersible that reaches the Challenger Deep (deepest point)1960
first to circumnavigate England and estimate length of shoreline323 BC
used navigation to make long voyages, passed down through oral tradition
known for discovering the Titanic
first to cross the Atlantic, discovered Baffin Island in Canada982

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