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(A) ______ _____ was the wife of the second President and mother of the sixth President.
(B) The ____ __ _______ was ratified on December 15, 1791.
(C) In 1793, Eli Whitney invented the ______ ____.
(D) On the night of December 25-26, 1776, George Washington led troops across the _________ River.
(E) The ____________ _________________ established each state's sovereign immunity and overruled a previous U.S. Supreme Court decision.
(F) The ________ _______ was a collection of 85 articles and essays written to promote the ratification of the Constitution.
(G) _______ ___________, one of the most important Founding Fathers, died on December 14, 1799.
(H) Patrick ______, a Founding Father, is well-known for saying, 'Give me liberty or give me death!'
(I) Following the events of the Boston Tea Party, Great Britain responded with a series of punitive laws, which people in the colonies called the ____________ Acts.
(J) The First Chief Justice of the United States was ____ ___.
(K) In 1752, Benjamin Franklin conducted an experiment using a ____.
(L) Robert __________, also known as 'The Chancellor', was a member of the Committee of Five that drafted the Declaration of Independence.
(M) The _________ Act of 1733 placed a heavy tax on this product imported into the colonies.
(N) The _________ __________ of 1787 laid the basis for the government of the Northwest Territory and for the admission of its constituent parts as states into the union.
(O) The Battle of __________ on August 6, 1777 in New York was a bloody battle that devastated both sides.
(P) The Treaty of ______ of 1783 ended the Revolutionary War.
(Q) The Third Amendment to the Constitution placed restrictions on the __________ of soldiers in private homes.
(R) ________ University in New Jersey was originally founded as Queen's College in 1766.
(S) Francis Marion, also known as the _____ ___, is considered one of the fathers of modern guerrilla warfare.
(T) _________ was admitted to the Union on June 1, 1796 as the 16th state.
(U) The first U.S. trade _____ was formed by Philadelphia shoemakers in 1792.
(V) About 20 miles northwest of Philadelphia, ______ _______ was the military camp where Washington settled the army for the winter in 1777.
(W) The ________ Rebellion broke out in protest against government taxes.
(X) The ____ Affair resulted in an undeclared war between the United States and French Republic.
(Y) The Siege of _________ was a decisive victory for the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War.
(Z) On November 24, 1784, the future 12th President of the United States _______ _______ was born.

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