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Forced Order
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This city is considered the center of the Muslim world.
Martin Luther’s rebellion against the corruption of the Catholic Church is known as the….
According to this author, “The ends justify the means” and “it is better to feared than loved.”
The printing press was invented by….
During the Italian Renaissance artists created works that depicted ideal beauty in an effort to communicate the values of __________ humanism.
In Islam, the pilgrimage to Mecca is called…
The sale of freedom from sin was known as an
This term means belief in one god.
“___________ laid the egg that Luther hatched.” He also wrote, In Praise of Folly and was an important Christian humanist.
This term refers to wealthy city dwellers, like merchants or bankers. Wealthy common people.
Japans period of political modernization and industrialization was known as the ______ ________.
This treaty ended WWI.
The Father of Renaissance humanism.
This document limited the power of the English king and led to the development of England’s parliamentary system of government.
During the French Revolution the National Assembly promised not to disband until they created a new constitutional government, this event is known as the__________ __________ _____
Muslims fast during this month.
In roman numerals XVI means which number?
The British government is divided into two houses, the House of _________ and the House of Lords
The leader of the Ottoman Empire. This term means king or emperor.
First Estate
The storming of this prison signaled the start of the French Revolution.
The leader of Parliament during the English Civil War.
During this stage of the revolution, Robespierre and French Revolutionaries hunted down and executed France’s “enemies”.
The Reformation started when Martin Luther nailed his ________________ ____________ to the door of the Wittenberg church.
Ended the French Revolution by crowning himself emperor.
During the 18th and 19th centuries European nation extended their political and economic influence over much of Asia and Africa, a process known as _________.
1932, this political party won the majority of seats in the Reichstag and was able to appoint their leader as chancellor.
After the English Civil War Cromwell established a government known as the _____________ which was essentially a dictatorship.
During this time period, investors used their capital resources to build factories and speed up the production of goods.
Karl Marx’s term for modern factory workers.
A fancy term that means hatred of Jews.
The arrival of this American commodore initiated the opening of Japan.
Pride in one country. The belief that one’s country represents a single, race, ethnic or religious identity that is superior to others.
An effort to remove a specific group of people from a society is considered an act of _______________.
Rather than establishing a western style representative democracy, this document established a modern divine right monarchy in Japan.
his global pandemic killed millions during WWI.
The plan to murder all of Europe’s Jews.
Who wrote that society is a history of class struggle and workers should unite to overthrough the upper classes?
Racial Segregation in South Africa.
The act of protesting by refusing to obey laws that are considered to be unjust.
Jailed for 27 years, he was released from prison and become president of South Africa.
Who said, “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”
The leader of the Iranian Revolution.
Established as a Jewish State, this nation is one of the few representative democracies in the Middle East.
During these negotiations, President Carter helped negotiate a peace agreement between Egypt and Israel.
Although prohibited by India’s 1950 constitution, this traditional ethnic and social class system continues to influence Indian culture.
Western democracies and their allies competed for global power and influence with communist nations and their allies during this period of conflict.
The terms associated with political and economic reform in the Soviet Union.
The destruction of this structure came to symbolically represent the end of communism.
In Catholicism, it means to be kicked out of the church or banned.
One's own native language
Artist who carved the statue David
British Document in 1688 that signaled the Glorious Revolution
British book of the 11th century that kept records.
Luther appealed to these people for assistance.
Investment capital is also known as this.
The 2 central ideas to the Scientific Revolution were.
Groups organized to protect workers that were largely unsuccessful in the 19th century.
First industry to industrialize.
Period in British history in which Cromwell ruled with Parliament.
People who wanted the Anglican church to adhere more closely to the Bible.
This kind of crisis led to the signing of the Magna Carta, the expansion of British parliamentary powers, and the convening of the Estates General in France.
In France, everyone who wasn't a noble or a clergyman.
Colonialism was fueled by a quest for raw materials and ________________.
A belief that your nation, united by language, history and tradition, is superior to others and should govern itself.
Regions that Europe colonized in the 19th century.
Isolationist and traditional Japan prior to the mid 19th century was known as this.
Nation that controlled most of Latin America until the 19th century.
Form of imperialism that Latin America complained about in the 20th century.
Form of warfare best associated with WWI.
4 causes of WWI
This failed treaty tried to promote an organization that would keep the peace.
The Nazi Holocaust is also known as this.
This organization established after WWII was designed to prevent war and promote human rights.
After the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Vietnam and others became this.
When a government takes control and ownership of an industry this is known as to _________________ that industry.
Single party states that attempt to control everything in a nation, including the citizens' thoughts.
There are two types of totalitarianism. One is communism. The other is ____________________.
The world's first totalitarian state.
The world's first fascist state.
The end of the Cold War came with the destruction of this.
Soviet leader who instituted perestroika and glasost, hoping to stimulate economic growth and political discussion.
What nation controlled India until the 1940s?
The largest relgious group in India.
The second largest religious group in India.
Organization in India designed to free it from British control.
Both the British and the _____________ vied for control of South Africa in the late nineteenth century.
The system of legal separation based on race in South Africa.
The Commission in South Africa designed to ease the transition from the all-white government.
The city that is at the heart of the controversy in the Middle East.
The region that was the center of both the Ottoman Empie and the controversy between Israelis and Palestinians.

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