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Rule DescriptionRule
A question that suggests to the witness the answer desired by the examiner.
On cross examination, showing that the witness should not be believed.
An inference that can be reasonably made from the facts stated in the witness statement.
The question must ask for specific information. The questions should not be so broad that the witness is allowed to wander or narrate a whole story.
On re-direct and re-cross, additional questions may be asked, but limited to matters raised by the opposing attorney.
Evidence about the character of a party may not be introduced unless the person's character is an issue in the case.
No witness may testify about how the case should be decided.
A lay witness may offer testimony in the form of opinions if they are (1) rationally based and (2) helpful to clear an understanding of the witness' testimony.
A witness may testify based on the common experience of laypersons in the community and of which the witness has firsthand knowledge
Rule DescriptionRule
An expert may offer testimony if the subject matte is within the expert's area of expertise.
Evidence that is unfairly prejudicial, may confuse the issue, or is a waste of time.
No personal knowledge that would enable him/her to answer this question
Statement made by someone who is not a witness which is offered to prove the truth of a fact.
If the statement contains evidence which goes against that party's interest
Statements that consist of evidence of what someone said which describes the person's state of mind at the time it was being said.
Statements relied upon by expert witness and forms the basis for the expert's opinion.
Evidence that tends to make a fact which is important to the case more or less probable than the fact would be without the evidence.

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