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First document that limited the king's power.
William the Conqueror's census.
Place William Conquered
English legislature
Paliament's house for regular people.
Parliament's house for nobility
Edward III was waging this and needed more money.
Parliament's original power was to...
Act that made England Protestant
England defeated this under Elizabeth
Era of English prosperity and a flowering of the arts.
17th century turmoil brought on by conflicts between Puritans and Royalists
Invaded and united England in 1066
Brilliant legal king and maker of English empire.
Signed the Magna Carta
King who tried to consolidate power and also determine rights through 'warrants'
Broke with the Catholic church for a divorce.
Henry's 1st wife
Henry's 2nd wife
Henry's 3rd wife
Opposed Henry's break with the Catholic Church and was executed.
Henry's 1st son and a weak king.
Controlled England as a Puritan dictator.
Adviser to Henry VIII who supported break with Catholic Church
Anti-Protestant Queen who executed hundreds
Protestant Queen who stabilized England
King of Spain who wanted to force Elizabeth to marry him or die.
Scottish woman who claimed a right to the English throne.
Scottish king who was invited to succeed Elizabeth.
King whose religious and political struggles led to the English Civil War and his execution.
Took the throne upon the restoration of the English monarchy after the Civil War.
When his Catholic son was born, England invited William of Orange to take over.
Protestant invited to take over England in the Glorious Revolution
Protestant queen invited to take over England in the Glorious Revolution.
Philosopher who said men have rights to 'life, liberty, and property.'
Philosopher who wrote about man's need for strong government.
Most famous English dramatist.
A pretender. Claiming the throne based on his relationship to James II
People in the 17th century who wanted to make the Anglican church more pure.
Not Catholic, but...
The country we are studying.
Chief rival of England that wanted to return it to Catholicism
Unique way to describe the British Constitution
Favorite drink of the English
Early, early, early English people of faith in England
Country/Territory North of England
Country/Territory immediately west of England
Country/Territory west, across the sea

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