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Can you pick whether the tweet is from @dril or from @EveryoneIsDril?

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ive eaten more $14 hamburgers than youve eaten regular hambufrgers, you low engagement galoot
I shall require women to wear aprons at all times, so they might supply their holy grill masters with ample wetnaps, day and night.
in the end, i dont even care if the movie 'Alladin' was made up. It was a stupid movie anyway.
got a big piece of velcro stuck to my big a**
i'm going to be the one who makes a 'got milk' parody so good that everoyne forgives me for trying
Sometimes I wonder if we'd have flying cars by now had civilization spent a little less brain energy contemplating Football.
Who wants a hot dog? I love a hamburger. I love a lettuce
you know society is A**-F**KED when people spend more time wiritng 'Tweets', than bibles
If Dippin Dots was truly the ice cream of the future they would not have run out of vanilla
well im glad theyve downgraded me to 'basically' a nazi instead of 'literally' a nazi
i think it is good to vote, unless it is inconvenient, or boring to do so. then it might be very bad. i'm sorry for doing politics om here.
My son iss an international gold medalist black belt in Kung Fu. Hes built like a Marine. He can take down an untrained guy 2x his size.
in call of duty black ops 2 a terrorist takes control of drones and attacks us targets. just putting that out there for team anti-drone
I insist that Moe is the 1st Stooge, Larry the 2nd Stooge, and Curly is the 3rd Stooge. Some will say the order isnt important. Theyre wrong
Do not underestimate the value of example, for it is more powerful than a thousand words, a thousand “likes”, retweets or YouTube videos.
i have taken my shirt off over 10000 times
spice up your life by throwing your favorite coffee mug into the garbage
thats it. thats enough. im shutting the computer down ,before i become too powerful
why do you use twitter. this is a serious question. i am doing an interview tomorrow and need to have some real statistics help
Even though I have never done it in my life,I am fully confident in my ability to count to 1000
i did eat an ant farm once
kowabunga dudettes. i'm so pumped to be on this surfing kick. who else surfs out there? gnarly day in the h2o. ridin waves!
Gott in yeaterday spilt a fulllllllllllll! Tub of pasta on the floor, stupid stupidd stupidddddd boy smelly pasta house
Samson slew Philistines with the jawbone of an ass; CNN now known as 'Samson Channel'--reports news with jawbone of an ass. #fakenews BAM!
I hate the neologism 'owned' for 'scored a victory over'. I have no intention of owning anyone, and nobody will ever own me.
guess what smart guy. cavemen didn't brush their teeth either, but look how strong they were. they also detested sports
Want to see ripped Princess Peach, doing pull ups and brandishing an MP5 for Super Mario 3D World 2. Also, dreaming of nuclear Armageddon.
i refuse to consume any product that has been created by, or is claimed to have been created by, the (((Keebler Elves)))
The Coca Cola company is not happy with me--that's okay, I'll still keep drinking that garbage.
wow this 40lb bag of dog food is only $30... why do dogs get all the bargains
some people get their accounts suspended for cursing out celebs.. i get mine suspended for posting things like 'Sports is making a comeback'
Oh and by the way. I never did 'Karate' In my life. Another lie
I haven't washed my hair in years, and it's luxurious. Shampoo is another hoax spread by media (due to advertiser pressure).
Wow what a workout. Had to run up flights of stairs & all I could think of were the brave firefighters climbing the twin towers on 9/11
im near certain there is a hotly contested tug-of-war between fox executives upon the issue of whether or not homer simpson can show his a**
someitmes it seems to me that some people woulr rather join KKK, than join mensa....
Taco Bell's suspect world-view hinges on some clown prioritizing dipping sauce for his Rolled Chicken Tacos over the life of a newborn.
Starfish Rant. ive had it up to here with this bulls**t animal. click here to watch my starfish rant
harvard geniuses/ scientists love to wind down by going on boards and posting threads named like 'What is the screen resolution of a mirror'

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