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QUIZ: Can you name the movies these 100 great props come from?

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100Big Ern's Bowling Ball
99The Mockingjay Pin
98The Frogs
97The Brass Balls
96The Dental Pick
95The Hockey Stick Putter
94The Fuzzy Pen
93The Mask-Maker
92The Tripod Blade
91Boy With Apple
90The Alarm Clock
89The Box of Chocolates
88Lemarchand's Box
87The Wonder Boy Bat
86Zuzu's Petals
85The Ice Pick
84The Gold Chains
83The Plastic Bag
82Spaceballs: The Flame Thrower
81The Piano
80The Snitch
79The Ghost Trap
78The Hula Hoop
77The Bicycle
76The Game Board
75The Horse-Imitating Coconut Shell
74The Garden Gnome
73The Cronos Device
72The Captive Bolt Pistol
71The Egg Man's Egg Box
70Reese's Pieces
69The Tennis Racket
68Coma the Doof Warrior's Guitar
67The Giant Joint
66Billy the Puppet
65The Hamburger Phone
64The Little Tramp's Cane
63The Eggs
62The Banjo
61The Gristle Gun
60Mark's Cue Cards
59The Kobayashi Porcelin Mug
58The Nunchaku
57The Cup of Water
55The Closet Computer
54The Hammer
53The Cigarette Holder
52The McLovin ID
51The Batarang
50The Blue Box
49The Gold Watch
48Sex Panther Cologne
47The Cocaine Pile
46Modèle 1892 revolver
45The Red Stapler
44Cobb's Totem
43The Supreme Being's Map
42The Portable Memory Eraser
41The Hourglass
40The Business Card
39The Clay Pot
38The Talkboy
37The Up-to-11 Amps
36The Silver Spheres
35The Green Destiny
34The Idol
33The Switchblade
32The Guitar
31The Commandment Tablets
30The Stick Men
29The Inflatable Co-Pilot
28The Neuralyzer
27The Glowing Box
26The Zoltar Machine
25The Chainsaw
24The Chess Board
23The Camera
22The Necronomicon
21The Red and Blue Pills
20The One Ring
19The Red Balloon
18The Knife
17The Burn Book
16The Boombox
15The Boombox
14The Golden Ticket
13The Umbrella
12The Baby Carriage
11The Jetpack
10The Leg Lamp
9The Bone Club
8The Heart of the Ocean
7The Origami Unicorn
5The Maltese Falcon
4The Hoverboard
3The Horse Head
1The Lightsaber

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