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What is the 2nd book in the 'Hunger Games' trilogy? A) Catching Fire B) Fellowship of the Ring C) Mockingjay D) Half-Blood Prince $100
What country is the city of Turin in? A) France B) Germany C) Italy D) Belgium $500
The song, 'Controlla' is by which artist A) Kendrick Lamar B) Drake C) Bruno Mars D) Snoop Dogg $1000
FC Barcelona footballer Neymar is from which country? A) Spain B) Argentina C) Portugal D) Brazil $5000
In what year did singer Michael Jackson die? A) 2007 B) 2008 C) 2009 D) 2010 $10000
'WALLS' was the seventh studio album of which rock band? A) Coldplay B) Arctic Monkeys C) Kings of Leon D) Red Hot Chili Peppers $100000
In which continent would you find Belarus? A) Europe B) Asia C) South America D) Oceania $50000
Who won the Super Bowl 50? A) Carolina Panthers B) Denver Broncos C) New York Giants D) New England Patriots $200000
Harper Lee wrote which famous novel? A) Lord of the Flies B) 1984 C) To Kill a Mockingbird D) Catch-22 $300000
Which of the following is not a European country? A) Macedonia B) Andorra C) Georgia D) Angola $400000
In which century was the Mona Lisa painted? A) 13th B) 15th C) 16th D) 18th $500000
Heineken beer is produced in which European country? A) Netherlands B) Belgium C) Denmark D) Norway $600000
Who is the current Prime Minister of the UK? A) David Cameron B) Boris Johnson C) Theresa May D) George Osbourne $700000
Uluru, or Ayers Rock, is a famous landmark in which country? A) China B) Australia C) Japan D) New Zealand $800000
Berlin's hit song, 'Take My Breath Away' was the soundtrack for which blockbuster film? A) Love Actually B) Forrest Gump C) Pretty Woman D) Top Gun $900000
Which of these movies did Leonardo DiCaprio not star in? A) Titanic B) The Great Gatsby C) Jack Reacher D) The Wolf of Wall Street $1000000

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