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Forced Order
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Parisian chanson, melody competes between cantus and tenor, lute and piano arrangements also
French dance pair the performers would ornament
Much like the ricercar, this particular piece was in minor and had a major third at the end
Instrumental, imitative, a French genre has a similar name
First ever arrangement was a tenorlied. Strophic, about his hometown
Chant incorporated as cantus firmus, alternation btw instrument and choir. 1510
Easy to sing, AAB, militant tone, another composer made it into a tenorlied
Uses points of imitation, dissonance, prima practica
Six part motet, changing voice combinations, alterations btw homophonic and polyphonic
Parody mass on his earlier motet
Anthem representative of type of music performed in England cathedrals
Variations based on folk song, virginal
English madrigal, ABCDCBA form based on contrast of texture
Lute ayre, descending tetrachord, AABBCC, through composed
Much dissonace, exaggerates text interpretation, madrigal
Weird like another piece, but Artusi spoke out against this one
One of first compositions indicating embellishment in score, an educational piece
Opera, example of new Stile Representativo, monody
First truly successful opera, chromatic shapes indicate sadness
Considered greatest 17th C opera, contains Dur ti miro duet
Concerted motet, simple harmonies, engaging rhythms, short melodies draw attention to text. Singers in different parts of church
Concerted motet, textual recall expands this into full motet
Chant used as cantus firmus, alternate choir with instrument. 1635
Story taken from book of judges, has Nbii6, oratorio
Trio sonata, variation form, 2 violins, basso continuo
Has binary form and beginnings of functional tonality
Used a technique called scordatura, programmatic sonata

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