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Can you name the Zoology 224 Species?

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Bird- mostly black with some white
Bird- large black, sounds like a pig
Bird- med black, squawks
Bird- blue, calls squeea squeea
Bird- gray, calls see saw wah
Mammal- tiny, short tail
Mammal- large brown, long tail, long neck
Mammal- large, very angry
Mammal- large, very flat
Mammal- med, black with huge tail and stripes
Mammal- large, mixed fur, bushy tail
Fish- black spots and red spots
Fish- black spots, big red stripe
Fish- light spots, no markings on tail or dorsal
Fish- light spots, square tail, markings on tail and dorsal
Fish- light, stylized dorsal fin
Fish- light, triangular dorsal fin
Frog- black mask near eyes, sounds like awful laughter
Frog- big spots with light borders, sounds like balloon
Frog- big ugly frog, cranial bosses, sounds like a spaceship
Frog- big, not as ugly, frog, white stripe on back, sounds like a plastic lid
Frog- light spots with dark borders, sounds like helicopter

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