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quoth the raven, '___________'
author of this quote
type of car she drives (including color)
San Diego Chargers quarterback
Day of the Dead flower
'No, no, no es (above answer). Est ______'
Donna's Uruguayan friend
Sylvester Stallone
Richmond BBQ restaurant
wardrobe option #1
wardrobe option #2
shoes option #1
shoes option #2
shoes option #3
maiz quebrado
inspiration for Uruguayan music
-'_______' -'Si, __________' (Wesley's phrase)
where Donna and her Uruguayan friend went to visit friends
where they went after the previous stop
city where we live
correct pronunciation of 'Vanilla'
what vanilla comes in
la, la, la piramide de
__________ on a radio
what we did before Jefferson Scholar finalists
'el moco, no lo ________'
dale, dale, dale no pierdas el _______
__________, guajira ___________
punishment that Quint almost got
school where Donna's Uruguayan friend visited
'Hay tres partes de un ____________'
Que pasa, __________?
website used for collaboration
Nan rompio el
Taaffe always brings the
'No, no necesitamos el __________'
'_________, diccionario!'
what exploded on Ben's head
what Taaffe broke within the first 10 minutes of the first class
animals of the wisemen
__________ Field by John McCrae
rhymes with whitsles and kettles
la vasija
type of bread
what is used to make other type of bread
Familia Hombre
construction material
no, ________ afuera
'YOU'RE RIGHT. IT IS A _____________!'
to preserve or mummify
condiment originating from Italy
Quint and Wesley's 'milkshakes'
Saratoga trunk
to ____________ somebody
'We say, '_________''
__________ girl
size paper we should use for our Uruguay posters
'Hay un videojuego que se llama _________?'
'Quien es _________?'
'First, you were talking about (previous answer) and Taylor Swift. Now, you're talking about ___________?'
se las cantamos a ________
Quiqui no __________
Donna's birthday
other Spanish teacher #1
other Spanish teacher #2
other Spanish teacher #3
poncho material
what we wear to cook
#1 rule
#2 rule
#3 rule
time our class starts according to David
what she says before we can enter each day
'Ustedes conocen a ____________?'
island Hennessy visited
artificial application of water to the soil
what Matt yelled at Quint
touching people is an
first song we learned this year

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