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Can you name the Phineas and Ferb Season 3 episodes based on Big Ideas?

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Big IdeaEpisode
Shoes Designed To Make The Wearer Really Fast
Hot Air Balloon Race
Reconstructing The Molecular Separator
Searching For The Shark Of Danville Harbor
Raising Cows On The Moon
Planning A Surprise Birthday Party For Phineas
Building A Supercomputer
Building A Funhouse
Repairing Candace's Cellphone
Turning Their Living Room Rug Into A Magic Carpet
Fixing Candace's Hair
Building A Bouncehouse
Inventing The Wheel
Building A Giant Terracotta Warrior
Miniature Rocket Box; Slide
Jumping Machine
Sending A Birthday Message To Outer Space
Building A Mobile Truck Stop Diner
Playing A Life-Size Game Of [Episode Title]
Bicycle Race
Big IdeaEpisode
Football X-7
Entering Perry In A Contest
Playing A Life-Size Game Of Darts
Helping A Kid Get Ride Of Some Ghosts In His New House
Non-Reflecting Mirror; Anti-Gravity Weights; Hidden Air-Jets; Sun Lamp
Escape Tower
Inventing A New Language
Potato-Making Machine
Christmas In July
Searching For A Crocodile In The Sewers
Various TV Shows
Building The Perrytronic
Retrieving An Ancient Mythical Sword
Going Inside Candace's Mind
Building A Giant Ant Farm
Upgrading Their Stroller After Being Turned Into Babies
Searching For The Lost Temple Of Juatchadoon
Amusement Park
Anti-Gravity Trampolines
Big IdeaEpisode
Ninja Outfits
Helping Baljeet Climb Mount Danville
Retrieving Doonkelberries From Drusselstein
Building A Waterslide
Jetpack Volleyball
Investigating Mysterious Crop Circles
Helping Meap Retrieve Cutonium
Building A Device To Get Mom To Come Home
Increasing Baljeet's Brainpower
Magic Show
Searching For A Lost Treasure
Turning Objects Into Liquids
Creating Nanobots
Saving Earth From Colliding With Another Planet
Exploring A Gorge In Africa
Searching For Perry In Africa
Unseen Invention Built In Dark
Training Squirrels
Playing Ping-Pong

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