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Can you name the Phineas and Ferb Season 2 episodes based on Big Ideas?

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Big IdeaEpisode
Searching for the lake nose monster
Creating an animal translator
Creating awareness for the aglet
Using a growth elixir
Creating an aquarium in their backyard
Creating a large gelatin mold
Turning Big Ben into a waterslide
Building a ride to see if it disappears
Opening a restauraunt
Building an egg incubator
Transporting themselves into a video game
Helping an alien track down a criminal
Building a fort
Building the world's largest airplane
Creating a televised quiz show
Organizing a car wash
Singing a song to get Perry to come home
Constructing a fort on a deserted island
Music Video Countdown
Traveling twenty years into the future
Shrinking themselves down to play hide and seek
Big IdeaEpisode
Building a boat for Baljeat and Mishti
Organizing a rock band
Helping Vanessa retrieve Pazazzium Infinite
Creating X-ray glasses
Building a spa
Cheering up Candace
Helping Candace earn 50 Fireside Girl Patches
Helping Buford not be Baljeat's slave anymore
Finding a lost doll
Reverse engineering a machine
Discovering the lost city of Atlantis
Creating a way to transport objects
Creating a dancing robot
Cheering on Candace in a Father-Daughter obstacle course
Building Niagra Falls in their backyard
Saving Christmas
Creating an anti-gravity fun launcher
Building floats for Tri-State Area Unification Day
Creating an object that can pass through solid objects
Organizing Bob and Tiana's wedding
Reparing a spaceship for Garbon
Big IdeaEpisode
Tricking out rides at the mall
Genetically altering some unicorns, building a bouncy sidewalk, etc.
Creating a suit to use on an obstacle course
Going to see Space Adventure
Playing in life size spinning tops
Locating a giant chameleon
Creating a robot rodeo
Building an all terrain vehicle
Constructing the world's tallest building
Building a pioneer town
Operating a lemonade stand
Constructing a life size maze
Turning their dad into a 1980s singer
Uniting rivalry fanbases at a science fiction and fantasy convention
Making A-Primes grow to human size
Building a Molecular Separator
Playing a video game when they're sick
Building a giant jukebox
Throwing a party
Traveling around the world
Building a rollercoaster as a musical

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