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summaryepisodeepisode #
The babies try to get some dog food1
Angelica throws Tommy's ball into the next yard2A
Stu and Didi take Tommy to dinner2B
The babies goes to the movies3A
Tommy gets sick during a sleepover3B
Phil and Lil star in a commercial4A
Didi takes Tommy to school4B
Grandpa and Stu enter Tommy in a beauty pageant5A
Grandpa and Stu take Tommy to a baseball game5B
Tommy is kidnapped6A
The babies look for a moose in Tommy's backyard6B
Grandpa loses his teeth during a picnic7A
Stu and Didi take Tommy to a child psychologist7B
Tommy thinks his dad is a robot8A
Tommy thinks he's getting a baby sister in the mail8B
The babies try to get Reptar Bars on Halloween9A
The babies think that there is a monster in the garage9B
Stu and Didi attempt to wean Tommy after he gets his first tooth10A
Grandpa takes Tommy grocery shopping10B
Angelica tries to get Tommy's chocolate milk11A
The babies try to figure out who broke Tommy's clown lamp11B
Spike is blamed for a mess causes by Angelica's cat12A
The babies go to a carnival to meet Reptar12B
Stu and Didi's car breaks down on the way to the Grand Canyon13A
Tommy and Chuckie go to the basement to retrieve a toy glider13B
Tommy and Chuckie get locked inside a toy store14A
The babies pretend to be pirates14B
Chuckie begins potty training15A
Phil and Lil are separated after a fight15B
Tommy goes to a daycare center16A
Didi takes Tommy to the doctor's office16B
Tommy stands up to a bully at a western playground17A
Didi brings home an antique mirror17B
Angelica falls in love with a new boy18A
Stu and Drew take the babies to a miniature golf course18B
Stu gets amnesia19A
The Pickles have a garage sale19B
Stu accidently causes a neighborhood blackout20A
Didi takes Tommy and Chuckie to the bank20B
The Pickles go to a family reunion21A
Grandpa invents an old girlfriend over21B
Grandpa takes the babies to the natural history museum22A
The grownups and babies go to the beach22B
summaryepisodeepisode #
The grownups and babies go to an ice show23A
The Pickles and Devilles fight over a game of Charades23B
Chuckie pretends to be a superhero24A
The babies think somebody is going to hurt Spike24B
Tommy and Chuckie think an aunt is actually an evil ant from outer space25A
Chuckie accidently swallows a watermelon seed25B
Didi invites Dr. Lipchitz for dinner26A
Tommy and Chuckie imagine what it's like to be adults26B
The babies think Santa Claus is a robber27
Tommy dreams he is kidnapped by aliens28A
Grandpa loses Tommy during a trip to the grocery store28B
Angelica steals Chuckies's glasses during a game of hide and seek29A
Chuckie gets sprayed by a skunk29B
Tommy goes bad after his stuffed lion gets taken30A
Angelica becomes a magician30B
A new family moves in across the street31A
The babies have fun with a box31B
Tommy and Chuckie become afraid of going down the drain32A
Tommy and Chuckie look for a giant wedding cake32B
Tommy and Chuckie lose Cynthia33A
Chuckie has an imaginary friend33B
The babies think a garbage truck is a monster34A
Angelica tricks the babies into thinking Spike can talk34B
Chuckie is afraid to go down the slide35A
The babies think a swimming pool is a giant toilet35B
Grandpa competes in a bowling tournament36A
Angelica runs away from home36B
Didi competes on a game show37A
Tommy and Angelica spend the weekend at Boris and Minka's house37B
Chuckie becomes Angelica's slave after she saves his life38A
Susie and Angelica compete to see who's the best at everything38B
The babies learn about the tooth fairy39A
The babies think the grownups have turned into animals39B
The creator of the Dummi Bears comes over for dinner40A
Phil and Lil try to be like Chuckie and Angelica40B
Chuckie is afraid of getting his first haircut41A
Angelica goes to day camp with Susie41B
Susie accuses Angelica of stealing her tricycle42A
Angelica claims that Chuckie is turning into a Rhinoceros42B
Grandpa moves into a retirement home43A
The babies camp out in the backyard43B
Angelica starts her own circus44A
Angelica tells the babies about the stork44B
summaryepisodeepisode #
Angelica tries to become invisible45A
Tommy and Chuckie end their friendship45B
The babies think Angelica has turned into stone46A
Angelica pretends to break her leg46B
Alyssa babysits while her parents are out47A
Grandpa tells the babies about Stu and Drew's childhood47B
The babies imagine how a Reptar movie ends48A
Stu gets a job selling lard48B
Chuckie borrows Tommy's new clown doll49A
The babies look for nickels in Tommy's sandbox49B
The babies make their own home movies50A
The babies are afraid of Stu's new clown toy50B
Chuckie and Angelica accidently handcuff themselves together51A
The babies look for the North Pole during a snowstorm51B
The babies look for Chucke's toy rocketship52A
Angelica is afraid of getting older52B
Angelica thinks she is a real princess53A
Tommy stays at Chuckie's house during the weekend53B
Tommy stars to walk around the house naked54A
Angelica starts a secret club54B
Chuckie is afraid of his new bed55A
Chaz wins a sweepstakes55B
Charlotte takes Tommy and Angelica to work56A
Chuckie decides to run away from home56B
Chuckie can't tell dreams from reality57A
Angelica tries to convince Phil and Lil that only one of them is their parents' favorite57B
Chuckie dyes his hair black58A
Spike gets lost during a rainstorm58B
Angelica tells the babies that Chuckie is an alien59A
Chuckie becomes afraid of germs59B
Angelica finds out her mother is having another baby60A
The babies pretend to be superheroes60B
A new boy turns out to be meaner than Angelica61A
Angelica sues her parents 61B
The babies create their own television shows62A
Angelica convinces the babies that the world is ending62B
Chuckie's pet bug dies63A
Angelica becomes sick after eating too many cookies63B
A new girl teases Chuckie because she likes him64A
The babies remember when they first met64B
Boris tells the babies the story of Passover65

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